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How to maintain fan lights

You should know the common sense of fan light maintenance, which can extend the service life of your fan light! Firstly, it is best to turn on the lights for two to three hours a day, as there is moisture in the air. Turning on the lights helps to evaporate the moisture in the light fixtures and extend their lifespan. Secondly, please check the circuit. Will there be weak light when the lamp is installed? If there is, or if the switch is installed, there is a possibility of reversing the neutral and live wires, which can damage the lighting fixtures for a long time.

Thirdly, when using lighting fixtures, try not to switch them on and off frequently. When the lamp is frequently started, the current passing through the surface mount is greater than the current during normal operation, causing a sharp increase in temperature and greatly reducing its service life. Therefore, do not switch frequently. Fourthly, it is best not to clean the lamps with water. Just wipe them with a dry cloth dipped in water. If they accidentally come into contact with water, try to wipe them dry as much as possible. Do not immediately wipe them with a wet cloth after turning on the lamp.

Fifth: During cleaning and maintenance, do not change the structure of the lighting fixtures, nor replace the lighting components arbitrarily. After maintenance, the lighting fixtures should be installed in their original state, and do not miss or install the lighting components incorrectly. The above are the maintenance tips for fan lights. Have you learned them? Of course, when you purchase fan lights, you should choose high-quality ones, such as Chinese grid sound appliances.


Post time: Mar-30-2024